Salt Therapy 

Breathe Easier at Home and On-the-Go

The SALT FX® home halogenerator brings the power of salt therapy to your home, transforming any small space into a soothing sanctuary. Enjoy the benefits of clean, breathable air conveniently and comfortably, whether you're relaxing at home or traveling. Take control of your well-being, naturally

SALT FX® home Halogenerator + Pop-Up SALT Booth® Bundle (backordered)

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Salt Sauna Conversion Kit BUNDLE (includes SALT FX Home Halogenerator) (backordered)

SALT FX® Home Halogenerator (backordered)

Wellness Essentials 

What our customers think

"Salt therapy helped treat my chronic sinusitis. No more sneezing, No more antibiotics or steroids. I can sleep through the night!"

Barbara B.

"I cannot believe how much better this has made me feel. When I'm in here (Pop-Up SALT Booth®), I find the mucus comes up and breaks up and I cough it out, and that doesn't happen otherwise."

Irene H.

"I started using salt therapy for my asthma and saw immediate respiratory improvement. No more wheezing, No more inhaler. No more ventilator. The long-term benefits of breathing easier at home was well worth the investment."

John M.

"As I am the owner of Salt Haven, I salt all the time. I have an adult room and 2 private booths. I do prefer the booth because it is more intense. My mother and I did a session in the home salt booth and we were surprised at how great of a session it is! We put our setting on medium and only did it for 5 minutes. We were super salty and felt great! I would absolutely recommend it."

Sonya H.

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